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Founded in 1903, the Ford Motor Company is one of the oldest companies operating in the field of vehicle manufacturing. Moreover, it is thanks to Henry Ford and his business model that the automotive industry has been so prolific over the past 100 years. The assembly line is a concept that everyone knows now, but at the beginning of the 20th century, it was quite a revolution for automobile manufacturers. This strategy was so effective for Ford that the Model T is still one of the top 10 best-selling vehicles in the world of all time, even though production ceased in 1927.

The Model T is not the only vehicle of the Ford brand which appears in this top 10 since it is also the case of the Escort/Focus, but the latter is largely overtaken by the F Series which notably includes the F- 150. The latter has completely transformed the pickup truck category from vehicles designed for work to true works of engineering, loaded with cutting-edge gadgets and comfort features once found only on luxury cars. The best part is that the Ford F-150 hasn't softened, since it's still by far the most capable truck in its class. Ford's F-Series is the benchmark for pickups and it's the least of things coming from a century-old company. Not to mention the Ford Ranger which recently made its return to the brand to the delight of model enthusiasts.

Ford is also synonymous with passion, pleasure and freedom, terms that can easily be associated with the Mustang. A true icon of America, the famous muscle car is renowned for its one-of-a-kind character and ride. The Ford Mustang is accessible to everyone and that's what makes it such a popular car. It is a model that makes no compromises and around which revolves a whole social sphere of followers and enthusiasts who live only for their car in some cases. When we think of Ford, we also think of innovation, evolution and new advanced technologies.

Admittedly, the automaker has great historical value, but Ford remains above all a pioneer in development. The success of the brand is based, on the one hand, on its past, but also on its future with new vehicles such as the Escape, the Ecosport, the Edge, the Explorer or the Expedition. These are not distinguished by their age, but by their abilities and the diversity of versions they offer. The American manufacturer's range of SUVs has redefined the universe of this category with truly sporty and competent versions. With a glorious past and a dominant present, one would think that the brand is fulfilled and it would have all the reasons in the world to sit on its laurels.

Nevertheless, what led Ford to the success we know today is its relentlessness, its audacity and its desire to always want to offer more. It is for this reason that the American manufacturer is investing heavily in the future, a modern future where electrified technologies and autonomous technologies will be part of our daily lives. Driving a Ford vehicle is driving more than a century of vehicle manufacturing experience, but it is also driving the vehicle of tomorrow.

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